LIBRA Insurance Partners, one of the largest and most esteemed insurance marketing organizations in the country, is growing! We had a successful 2020 and we’re off to a great start in 2021. Join us as we take the organization forward. We’re seeking a Vice President of Business Development , Vice President of Operations , and Data Analyst to support our new strategy. Resumes can also be emailed to Applicants must complete the Culture Index survey to be considered.

Current Openings

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Position Summary:

This position will report to LIBRA’S CEO and be responsible for building and Identifying business development opportunities with life insurance brokerage partners (BGAs) throughout the U.S., developing a comprehensive business plan, managing execution and evaluation of the plan, marshalling resources to be delivered to BGAs, and managing relationships with key constituencies, including insurance carriers, BGAs, and LIBRA staff.


Business Development

  • Identify business development opportunities (products, marketing concepts, distribution targets, and sales concepts.)
  • Market, promote, educate and train BGAs on LIBRA resources. Provide utilization measures and evaluation of resources for investment or changes.
  • Oversee the marketing effort to increase market share, penetrate untapped markets and develop approach strategies for adding BGAs.
  • Develop and refine a detailed profile of all agencies for resource and strategy deployment.
  • Create and promote the necessary value package to attract and retain BGA partners.

Business Planning

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive business plan. Develop consistent and constant evaluation of execution.
  • Provide fiscal modeling and cost benefit analysis when required.
  • Develop a management reporting system.

Marshal Resources

  • Identify products and carriers, facilitate product/carrier analysis, and create strategies and support as opportunities to influence BGA partners.
  • Develop and execute strategies to add distribution sources for partners (e.g., Financial Advisors, Broker Dealers, RIAs, and Property Casualty Agencies) and develop and execute initiatives to enhance the effectiveness of partner agencies increasing business in these segments.
  • Develop and execute a Partner Agency Communication Strategy that provides a useful feedback loop for resource assessment, resource/program ideas, and carrier program and personnel evaluation.

Manage Relationships

  • Develop accountability methods and metrics for LIBRA staff, carrier resources, and BGAs. These metrics should be indicators of what is working and what is not and identify what needs to change or evolve.
  • Establish quality standards for sales contacts and customer service. Oversee management systems to monitor performance to quality standards.
  • Manage carrier relationships with account executives and demonstrate the ability to facilitate integration between the LIBRA Team and the RVPs/sales leaders.
  • Participate in carrier feedback for tiering and other segmentation.
  • Be a team player on the executive team.
  • Conduct performance management process for direct reports and initiate corrective action as necessary. Assist with continued development of an effective support team to provide world-class service.
  • Establish close working relationships with key staff at BGAs, producer groups, and the national organizations in which they maintain memberships.


  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in insurance sales management, including leading a field sales team, distribution management, and product and sales concept marketing.
  • Experience working with multiple carriers and distribution. Experience and skill managing insurance carrier and service provider contracts.
  • A “team player” philosophy.
  • A skilled “rain maker” and leader with the ability to motivate both internal and external customers.
  • A strategic thinker and strong competitor in a crowded marketplace.
  • Good fiscal acumen. Experience with budget management.
  • Results-driven and strong track record demonstrating initiative to create, organize, manage, execute, and evaluate projects and initiatives.
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills. Strong group presentation and public speaking skills. Ability to effectively communicate complex life insurance concepts and products
  • Ability to communicate effectively with senior-level individuals at carriers and BGA partners.
  • Strong organizational ability. Ability to handle multiple priorities.
  • Working knowledge of computer spreadsheet and graphic capabilities.
  • High life insurance IQ: Strong creative product knowledge of both fixed and variable life insurance lines. Comprehensive understanding of how products are structured and priced. Working knowledge of the underwriting process. An understanding of new business management technology and e-commerce.
  • College degree.
  • Flexibility to travel and ability to work remotely.
  • Industry credentials (e.g., CLU©, ChFC©, CFP©) and a demonstrated pattern as a “student of the business.” Licensed and registered to sell fixed and variable insurance. Series 6 is minimum required. Series 7 and 24 licenses are preferred.
  • Knowledge of and sensitivity to compliance issues, including a spotless compliance record.


Position Summary:


This person will report to LIBRA’S CEO and be the architect of the strategy and role responsible for developing, negotiating, and managing the new business resources, processes, and service experience LIBRA partner-firms have with insurance carriers.


  • Develop a strategy to monetize the delivery of LIBRA’s value-added service level, expertise, and quality.
  • Develop a strategy around differentiated carrier service-level agreements. Create disciplines and processes at LIBRA that encourage and allow for a carrier to commit to a unique service level for LIBRA partners.
  • Identify and collect metrics that serve as leading indicators of service levels.
  • Quantity LIBRA’s value-add to partners by measuring improvements to carrier efficiency and relationships as a result of its recommendations.
  • Form relationships with senior service and underwriting executives at carriers.
  • Develop appropriate and efficient feedback processes for partners to provide input on carrier service issues and levels.
  • Analyze partner metrics to identify opportunities to work with partners to improve processes and overall quality with carriers.
  • Develop effective escalation protocols with carriers for partner firms.
  • Work with partners to facilitate change and usage of processes and platforms to improve their experience with carriers as well as efficiencies within the partner firms.
  • Understand and recommend technology solutions to carriers and partners.
  • Work with third-party providers to provide tools and programs to facilitate process efficiencies.
  • Assist in building resources that facilitate process efficiencies.
  • Provide reporting to management and partners on key performance/process indicators for carriers and resulting process changes.
  • Be a team player on the executive team.


  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in managing life insurance underwriting and service processes.
  • Knowledge of the life insurance distribution process.
  • Experience working with agency management and application processing systems.
  • Understanding of life insurance process metrics and how to develop new metrics.
  • Propensity for data focus and fact-based case making.
  • Good fiscal acumen. Experience with expense management, cost-benefit analysis, and ROI analysis.
  • Strong negotiation skills.
  • Interpersonal relationship-building skills. Effective communicator.
  • A “team player” philosophy.
  • Strong organizational skills. Ability to handle multiple priorities.
  • Demonstrated initiative to create, organize, manage, execute, and evaluate projects and initiatives.
  • College degree.
  • Flexibility to travel and ability to work remotely.
  • Industry credentials desirable (e.g., FLMI, AALU).


Position Summary:


This person will report to LIBRA’S Executive Director and Chief of Staff and will drive the use of data and analysis to direct and support corporate strategies and initiatives, as well as enhance existing operations, internal/external communications, and service delivery systems.


  • Work with a variety of data sources to extract knowledge and actionable information from massive datasets, uncover insights, and formulate and test ideas.
  • Enhance LIBRA’s foundation of data analysis of both insurance agency and carrier production to support field alignment.
  • Partner with stakeholders across multiple departments to help us gain better quantitative and qualitative insight into various aspects of our business.
  • Identify leading indicator metrics and data to drive company decisions and actions.
  • Identify any data gaps on internal or external data and work to fill those gaps and provide analysis.
  • Build and expand data models in LIBRA’s various, proprietary databases for use in regular and/or automated reporting and analysis.
  • Be a passionate problem solver by breaking down problems and developing analytical insights.
  • Convey your work and results to a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Offer technology ideas and insight to all aspects of the organization, including operations, marketing, product distribution, and client services.
  • Evaluate operations for inefficiencies and identify areas where you can create, automate, and develop tools.
  • Collect, organize, and analyze data provided by LIBRA’s insurance carriers, partners, and third-party vendors.
  • Diagnose data-related bugs and ensure they are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Support the business with ad hoc reporting.
  • Continuously strive for a deeper understanding of LIBRA’s business drivers


  • 2+ years supporting business operations in an analytics capacity.
  • Familiarity with the life insurance industry as it relates to products and operations.
  • Innate curiosity and a proclivity for forming insights based on fact-based analysis.
  • Proactive desire to find ways to create value.
  • Solid communication skills.
  • Passion for automation.
  • Comfortable in a complex data environment and an understanding of data structures.
  • Experience with some flavor of data visualization.
  • Business acumen to understand why you are pulling data and whether it seems accurate...not just pulling it.
  • Ability to formulate the right questions (versus just seeking answers) to make sure the best and smartest decisions get made.
  • A “team player” philosophy.
  • Strong organizational skills. Ability to handle multiple priorities.
  • Demonstrated initiative to create, organize, manage, execute, and evaluate projects and initiatives.
  • College degree.


How to Apply

Qualified applicants must forward their resume to Megan Byroade and complete a Culture Index survey to be considered.