What began as a small life insurance brokerage general agent study group in the early 1970’s has evolved into LIBRA Insurance Partners, an industry-leading marketing organization poised for continued growth.






Firms from across the country join for the value LIBRA adds to their business, but stay for the opportunity to collaborate with other partners, experts, and industry leaders.











Tom Bellig

Managing Principal, Vanbridge, EPIC Company


"The formation of LIBRA Insurance Partners has already provided benefits to our member firms through integration of our unique platforms and shared intelligence. I am very excited for our organization to continue to execute on our plan to drive growth for our member firms through investment, innovation and collaboration."




Brian Duncan

Duncan Advisor Resources


“With the best agencies in the country aligned, along with a commitment to growth and improving client outcomes, we have never been better positioned to be successful!”




John W. Felton, IV

President, Tennessee Brokerage Agency (TBA)


“TBA is very excited to be part of the new LIBRA Insurance Partners! The synergies that have been created by the merging of Libra Partners and BRAMCO has created an even better opportunity for growth in our company! The leadership at LIBRA is always looking for new opportunities to help us become better at what we do every day and that will benefit partners, advisors and their clients.”




Jason Lea, CFP

CEO, Brokers’ Service Marketing Group.


“LIBRA is commitment to growing full-service brokerage business and seizing this opportunity to build more value than ever before for the benefit of our carriers, our members, their producers and most importantly of all…the policyholder. LIBRA is the future of independent distribution.”




Heather Ulz

CEO, LifePro Financial Services, Inc.


“As we look towards our future and the future of our industry, I feel confident that our association with the combined organization of LIBRA will keep LifePro, and the agents and clients we serve, poised for success and on the forefront of where our industry is heading.”




Chip Van Dusen

President and CEO, Diversified Brokerage Services, Inc.


"Diversified Brokerage Services is thrilled to be a part of LIBRA Insurance Partners. As a founding member of Libra Partners we couldn’t think of a better organization to come together with than BRAMCO Financial Resources, and the opportunities that this partnership brings is tremendous. The combination of industry talent and depth of resources that LIBRA Insurance Partners offers to its partner agencies sets LIBRA apart from all other IMO’s, and we look forward to what the future will bring."




Jack Wright

President and CEO, Business Underwriters Associates


"The combination of BRAMCO and Libra into LIBRA brings together some of the best and brightest people in the history of Life Insurance Brokerage! I believe that the resources provided by the association of such fine individuals will allow all of our agencies to grow. I’m excited to be a partner!"